Trowel Blades & Pans

The use of floating discs (or pans) on riding trowels provides the contractor the high Flatness Numbers when specified for a finsihed of a concrete floor. The flat pan tolerances cut bumps and fill low spots in the concrete floor. Float discs/pans are an alternative to float blades. Float discs/pans increase the overall flatness of […]


The CPT87B box-type compactor offers greater compaction for various jobs. Heavy weight and durable design to ensure reliability under all working conditions.


HOPPT® Forward Plate Compactors feature a compact yet robust design with low hand-arm vibration handle; and offering choices of compacting force, different plate sizes depending on the application and material to compact for your job needs. Especially designed for use in narrow trenches, interlocking blocks, landscaping, footpath construction and maintenance, small to medium scale patchwork, […]

Vibratory Forward Plate Compactors

A plate compactor uses a large steel plate to get rid of air pockets in various ground materials and provide tighter compaction. They work on rough and uneven ground, to flatten it and create a level grade. Commonly, this will be soil, sand, hardcore, gravel, asphalt and similar.   HOPPT® Forward Plate Compactors feature a […]

ROL800 – Walk-Behind Dual-directional Vibratory Roller

HOPPT® offers FIVE models of Walk-Behind Vibratory Rollers. Four of which are Double-Drum Dual-Directional Vibratory Rollers and are fitted with DAN FOSS® Hydraulic system for easy manoeuvring and maintenance. One is a Single-Drum Model. All rollers are ergonomically-engineered with such details that ensure optimum comfort and maximum productivity. All rollers are fitted with either single […]

Vibratory Reversible Plate Compactors

Dependable Reversible Plates you can count on in the toughest job site conditions. Reversibles are great in tight trench and excavation applications where you do not have the room to turn around at the end of a pass since you can drive and compact with the unit in reverse. With 2 exciter shafts you have […]