Vibratory Reversible Plate Compactors

Vibratory Reversible Plate Compactors

Dependable Reversible Plates you can count on in the toughest job site conditions. Reversibles are great in tight trench and excavation applications where you do not have the room to turn around at the end of a pass since you can drive and compact with the unit in reverse. With 2 exciter shafts you have the added advantage of creating a strong compaction force for deeper lifts or for making fewer asses. This makes them ideal for compaction around large foundations, retaining walls, and compaction of the side areas along side of large pipes.

HOPPT® Range of Reversible Plate Compactors feature the Dual-Directional Compaction Solutions for job sites with various weight-class and different baseplate sizes to choose from.

The cast iron base-plate is designed to provide excellent stability during operation, and to ensure smooth forward and reverse motion. They come with engine options for all kinds of work conditions to deliver maximum compaction force and productivity.

HOPPT® Reversible Plate Compactors have excellent compaction force for backfill footings, foundations, trenches. Also, the compaction of base-material for driveways, side-walks and in confined area.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual Start Engine
  • Key Start
  • Extension Plates are Fitted for Wider Trenches and Could be Removed for Narrower Trenches – Offering Greater Flexbility Central Lifting Hook for Easy Transportation
  • Central Lifting Hook for Easy Transportation
MACHINE DIMENSION – L x W x H (mm)1,207 x 500 x 1,1181,239 x 600 x 1,1121,494 x 640 x 1,2181,671 x 690 x 1,153
PLATE SIZE – L x W (mm)650 x 500700 x 600800 x 470
(Extended 800 x 640)
900 x 500
(Extended 900 x 690)
CENTRIFUGAL FORCE – kgf (kN)3,059 (30)3,059 (30)4,078 (40)5,099 (50)
VIBRATION FREQUENCY – Hz (vpm)90 (5,400)90 (5,400)70 (4,200)70 (4,200)
COMPACTION AREA – (m²h)650759792912
(4.6hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (Recoil & Electric-Start)
HATZ® 1B20 @ 3.5kW
(4.6hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (Recoil & Electric-Start)
HATZ® 1B30 @ 5.4kW
(7.3hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (Recoil & Electric-Start)
HATZ® 1B40 @ 7.3kW
(9.3hp) 4-Stroke Diesel (Recoil & Electric-Start)
HONDA® GX160 @
.6kW (4.8hp)
4-Stroke Petrol
HONDA® GX270 @ 6.3kW
(8.5hp) 4-Stroke Petrol
HONDA® GX270 @ 6.3kW (8.5hp)
4-Stroke Petrol


Mast Type
Light Source
Maximum Height
Hydraulic System
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