Walk-behind Power Trowels

TOL60G/TOL75G Edger Trowel

Dependable Concrete Trowels that you can count on in the toughest conditions. After you float and finish the floor you can then eliminate the laborious hand finishing required along the walls and around any columns. Available in two sizes, our edgers are of simple design but built to take the rough handling of a construction job site and equipment rental use. Both models feature heavy-duty gearboxes and rotating rings that allow the edger to glide smoothly along the wall.

Features and Benefits


24” (600mm) blade width that works right up against the wall. Use this model for small dimension floors, a perfect companion model to a 36” twin ride-on trowel. A convenient folding handle makes it easier to transport in smaller vehicles and saves space for storage.



For working on those larger projects, use as your 30” (750mm) diameter edger trowel on your larger floors. A rotating guard ring allows you to finish right up against the wall and will give you the smooth finish you require. A convenient folding handle makes it easier to transport in smaller vehicles and saves space for storage.

DIMENSION-LxWxH - in (mm)1,510 x 630 x 9931,520 x 750 x 990
GUARD RING DIAMETER - in (mm)630750
OPERATING WEIGHT - lb (kg)5664
FINISHiNG BLADE SIZE - in (mm)230 x 120270 x 120
BLADE OPERATING SPEED (rpm)85-13885-138
ENGINE OPTIONSHONDA® GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) 4-Stroke PetrolHONDA® GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) 4-Stroke Petrol


Mast Type
Light Source
Maximum Height
Hydraulic System
Generator Capacity

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