Terrain Loaders

HTL350 – Terrain Loaders

Terrain Loaders are lightweight tracked loaders specifically designed for jobs that require low ground pressure and improved floatation. Work on lawns, established yards, or environmentally conscious jobsites where ground disturbance is a concern are the types of applications where an Terrain Loaders makes sense.


HOPPT® Terrain Loaders are designed for quick and easy transportation of materials and equipment for high productivity. Its strong and robust design coupled with an antitipping mechanism, enable it to handle loads up to 345kg with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust design of the skip and discharge system for better balance
  • Market leading weight capacity of 345kg
  • Perfectly-balanced operating gear and quick releasing handle, making loading and unloading at full load smoother with ease
  • Works well with other equipment such as mini-excavators and cement mixers allowing low direct discharge
  • A motorized 4-wheel loader drive that can go anywhere a tracked machine can
  • Easy interchanging between the bucket and flat tray
  • Transmission gear box from TECUMSEH, USA
  • Able to climb slope up to an angle of 30°
  • 4-speed setting
MACHINE DIMENSION – L x W x H (mm)1,792 x 724 x 967
MAXIMUM SPEED – (km/h)5.8
BUCKET CAPACITY – (litre)137
ENGINEHONDA® GXV160 @ 3.2kW (4.3hp)
4-Stroke Petrol


Mast Type
Light Source
Maximum Height
Hydraulic System
Generator Capacity

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