Tamping Rammers

RAM60B/RAM70C/RAM70B Tamping Rammers

A compacting rammer is light weight, Hand-held compactor delivering high-impact forces to compress soils and is used for compacting small areas such as footings, foundations, trenches, etc. Rammers can also be used for interior floor compaction as well as for the repair of roads, shoulders, pavements, highways and streets, retaining walls and most any narrow excavation containing cohesive or mixed soils.


Perfectly compacted soil which is a major component for any construction project to provides a sturdy, impenetrable, and solid base necessary to support footings, pipes and pavements. Heavy duty, solid and balanced design of the Hoppt® engine-driven rammers make them the perfect construction equipment for the most demanding jobsite conditions.


Wherever you jobsite has cohesive or mixed soil material where the high clay contents consist of small particles and low internal friction, the Hoppt® rammer is the best choice for top compacting performance.


All Hoppt® rammer models are fitted with a Triple Air-Filter System to prevent particulate matter (PM) from entering the engine’s cylinder for cleaner fuel to prolong engine life. Reliable, heavy duty models are available to provide impact forces up to 1,600 kgf (16kN), enough to do the job on any site condition having tight areas and narrow trenches needing professional compaction.

Features and Benefits

  • Triple Air-Filters System
  • Two-In-One Lever and Kill-Switch inter locking with Fuel Cut-OffMechanism for EasyReach
  • Fuel Tanks Made of Durable Material for Resistance Against Abrasions and Punctures
MACHINE DIMENSION – L x W x H (mm)735 x 370 x 1,035735 x 370 x 1,070740 x 420 x 1,100
SHOE SIZE – L x W (mm)340 x 275335 x 285340 x 280
STROKE – (mm)50-7050-8075
IMPACT FORCE – kgf (kN)1,390 (14)1,600 (16)1,600 (16)
BLOWS PER MINUTE650-700650-700650-700
COMPACTION DEPTH – (mm)610610610
MAXIMUM WORKING SPEED – (m/min)10-1310-139-12
COMPACTION AREA – (m²/h)260260290
FUEL TANK CAPACITY – (litre)3.53.53
(2.8hp) 4-Stroke Petrol
HONDA® GX100 @ 2.1kW
(2.8hp) 4-Stroke Petrol
HONDA® GX100 @ 2.1kW
(2.8hp) 4-Stroke Petrol


Mast Type
Light Source
Maximum Height
Hydraulic System
Generator Capacity

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