Vibratory Pavement Compactors

PCPT90 Vibratory Pavement Compactors

HOPPT® Pavement Compactors feature a unique Rubber Roll-Bar system that allows for compaction of floor tiles, pavement bricks in landscaping and in areas that needs special prevention from breakages or damages. With the Rubber Roll-Bar system it allows flexibility for individual change of the roll-bar, therefore, saving cost.


Now a vibratory plate dedicated to compacting paving stones. Previously if you wanted to compact paving stones you had to use a bolt-on sheet of plastic to cover the bottom of your standard vibratory plate. However when you have large areas of pavers to be laid this system did not work well as the plastic plate attachment slowed down the plate and made turning less than convenient as the plastic attachment tended to roll or shift. Now with the PCPT90P these problems are eliminated. The pavement compactor plate has rubber-coated rollers which allow the plate to move quickly and efficiently over the pavers. The protected rollers will not chip or mark the pavers and the rollers allow for easy and smooth manoeuvring over the pavers.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable Heavy-Duty Rubber Roll-Bar System to LessenDamage to Floor Tiles andBricks
  • Protective-Covers with a Smudge-Free Look to Protect and Prolong Life- Span of Belts
  • Easy Access to Throttle Control Levers for Easy Transportation


MACHINE DIMENSION – L x W x H (mm)1,064 x 669 x 1,091
SHOE SIZE L x W – (mm)655 x 620
VIBRATING FREQUENCY – Hz (vpm)94 (5,640)
CENTRIFUGAL FORCE – kgf (kN)1,050 (10.3)
COMPACTION AREA – (m²h)600 - 700
3.6kW (4.8hp) 4-Stroke Petrol


Mast Type
Light Source
Maximum Height
Hydraulic System
Generator Capacity

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