Walk-Behind Power Trowels

TOL60G - Walk-Behind Power Trowel


TOL75G - Walk-Behind Power Trowel


TOL90GB - Walk-Behind Power Trowel



TOL100GB - Walk-Behind Power Trowel


TOL12GB - Walk-Behind Power Trowel


Hoppt full range of Power Trowels is designed with various options to help concrete professionals for their applications. Honda 4-stroke petrol engines power Hoppt Power Trowels.
The Gearboxes are precision-engineered to transfer maximum torque to the trowel rotor, for a long, trouble-free life. The cast iron with spheroidal graphite spider, pressure plates and lift levers provide for longer-lasting life. The bushings, trowel arms and spiders are precision-machined to close tolerance. The high strength steel handle provides maximum comfort and control.
Hoppt Range of Edging Trowels is the perfect choice for troweling along the edges of walls or around protruding pipes and conduits. With the availability of various dimensions and sizes, they are versatile even for working in the narrowest places.


Specifications for Walk-Behind Power Trowels

Dimensions – L X W X H (mm)1600 x 950 x 9801670 x 1130 x 1001,510 X 630 X 9931,520 X 750 X 9901,920 X 992 X 1,0751,832 x 1,000 x 1,0262,020 x 1,200 x 1,076
Operating Weight (kg)70805664778395
Guard Ring Diameter (mm)95011306307509921,0001,200
Handle TypeFoldable (Full-Fold)Foldable (Half-Fold)Straight
Blade Operating Speed (rpm)50-10085-13850-15050-15050-150
Max. Blade Pitch Angle (∘)15
Finishing Blade Size - L x W (mm)230 x 120270 x 120356 x 151356 x 151458 x151
Engine OptionsHonda GX200 @ 4.1 kW (5.5hp)
4-Stroke Petrol
Honda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) , 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) , 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) , 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) , 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX270 @ 6.3kW (8.5hp) , 4-Stroke Petrol
Honda GX270 @ 6.3kW (8.5hp) , 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX270 @ 6.3kW (8.5hp) , 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX390 @ 8.7kW (11.7hp) , Air-cooled 4-stroke