Vibratory Forward Plate Compactors


CPT60W-Vibratory Forward Compactor Plate


CPT80B - Vibratory Forward Plate Compactor


CPT75P - Vibratory Forward Plate Compactor

CPT87B - Box Plate Compactor


CPT90PII-FOLDABLE- Vibratory Forward Plate Compactors



Our Hoppt Forward Plate Compactor features a compact yet robust design with low hand-arm vibration handle; and offering choices of compacting force, we offer different compactor plate sizes depending on the application and material to compact for your job needs.

Especially designed for use in soil compaction for narrow trenches, interlocking blocks, landscaping, footpath construction and maintenance, small to medium scale patchwork, repair and maintenance of sand, gravel and asphalt in restricted area and along obstacles such as curbs.

Note: Soil compaction refers to the process of removing air from soil particles without altering the amount of water found in the soil – this is ideal when preparing an area for concreting. This is done by applying some weight. As mentioned this is an important step in the construction process to have the necessary flat base that provides support for any construction project as it makes the soil more resistant and more stable. To ensure that compaction is done well, there is equipment you can buy that is specially made for this purpose, such as the following:


Specifications for Vibratory Forward Plate Compactor

Machine Dimensions – L X W X H (mm)855 x 330 x 1,000970 x 360 x 1,050970 x 360 x 1,0501,050 x 420 x 940860 x 440 x 9301100 x 500 x 8101100 x 500 x 9931100 x 500 x 993
 Operating Weight (kg)4567758687 95
 Plate Size – L x W (mm)420 x 330510 x 360510 x 420490 x 440620 x 500 590 x 500
 Vibrating Frequency – Hz (vpm)95 (5,700)94 (5,640)94 (5,640)94 (5,640)9894 (5,640)
 Centrifrugal Force – kgf (kN)640 (6.3)1,070 (10.5)12.3 1,530 (15.0)15.21,570 (15.4)
 Compaction Area – (m²/h)300 - 360550 – 600453520 – 550780 620 – 700
 Compaction Depth – (mm)150200300 250350 350
 Max. Gradeability (∘)202025203020
 Max. Working Speed – (m/min)25 2520252625
 Water Tank Capacity (litre)-6-- 12
 Engine OptionsHonda GX100 @ 2.1kW (2.8hp) 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX120 @ 2.6kW (3.5hp) 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX120 @ 2.6kW (3.5hp) 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX200 @ 4.1 kW (5.5hp)
4-Stroke Petrol
Honda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX200 @ 4.1 kW (5.5hp)
4-Stroke Petrol
Honda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) 4-Stroke PetrolHonda GX160 @ 3.6kW (4.8hp) 4-Stroke Petrol