See our fine range of compaction and concreting equipment including premium walk behind and ride-on trowel machines, diesel and petrol powered plate compactors, rollers, rammers, drive units, concrete vibrators and concrete grinders. Call 1800 046 778 or email for more information.

Compaction Equipment

Soil compaction is an essential part of any building process to achieve a solid foundation to work off. Hoppt’s compaction equipment will assist in obtaining the finish you want. Check out our range of compaction equipment at


Concreting Equipment

Using Hoppt concreting equipment is crucial for all of the final stages of any building process.  Hoppt’s concreting range and compaction range of equipment could help in achieving the ideal smooth and flawless consolidation and finishing in no time at all. Click on any of our concreting range to see how our machines can help your business.

Concrete Equipment - Super Screed Super Screed


Cutting and Grinding Equipment

Whether it is cutting asphalt or having to fulfil your concrete’s surface pre-treatment needs, Hoppt’s cutting and grinding equipment has got you covered! Made with the best quality materials to ensure the highest quality work is produced. Check out the range we carry.


Site Utility Equipment

Site Utility Equipment is needed at every work site either for transportation of materials or to pump fluids with minimal aggregates, we have Site Utility Equipment to get the job done in a timely fashion!

Site Utility Equipment - Light Tower Light Tower


Rebar Cutting and Bending Equipment

Rapid Tool is an international wholesaler specialist for rebar bending and cutting brands REO-MECH and RAPID TOOL AUSTRALIA. Rapid Tool’s rebar bender and cutters are produced with strict quality controls to ensure quality product. Click on the link below to check out our range!