Power Trowel Role in Construction

June 12, 2017 hoppt

Power trowel is able to give the best results for strength, durability and flatness of the end product. However, Timing is important in finishing. Power trowels work in providing a quality floor levelling and polishing by providing a hard skin onto the concrete’s surface. This makes it hard and virtually dust free. There are either the walk-behind power trowel or the ride-on power trowel. Each has their own advantages to consider based on your needs.

Walk-Behind Power Trowels:

The main consideration for choosing the walk-behind power trowel would be the size of the concrete slab. Walk-Behind power trowels are ideal for the following applications:

  •  Finishing driveways
  • small to mid-sized commercial or warehouse floors
  • House slabs
  • bridge decks
  • making concrete walls

Advantages including:

  • easily operated without much effort or training
  • gives concrete surfaces a finishing with the following features:
    • smooth
    • hard
    • durable
  • smaller units which easily fit through doorways or walk around obstacles like the TOL60 and TOL75.
  • Bigger units are suitable for medium to large sized floors which needs much more weight, speed and efficiency
  • Easier to manoeuvre on the concrete

Features to look for when selecting the ideal walk-behind power trowels:

  • easy access to trowel blades
  • fine blade pitch adjustment
  • height adjustable handles
  • ergonomic throttle control
  • optimal balance for smoother finishing.

Ride-On Power Trowels

On the other hand, a ride-on power trowels would be ideal for a larger concrete area of > 560 sq m2 therefore, it is essential for finishing concrete before it sets.


  • Boost productivity with larger areas
  • produce flatter finishes due to their weight

Features to look for:

  • Machine’s weight to power ratio
  • drive system
  • ease of pitch control
  • blade accessibility

There are also different trowel blades and float pans to go along with the power trowels depending on your needs. Different trowel blades will be covered in a future blog post. Hoppt carries a wide range of walk-behind power trowel or ride-on power trowel. Head over to following now!